Your NPS committee welcomes you to the exciting innovation: Special Interest Groups.  We invite you to take this opportunity to improve your skills with the help of some of the club’s experienced photographers.

Seascape Glen Parker:

Have you been impressed by glorious sunrise seascapes? Glen Parker, is an expert and is available to teach you his techniques.  Contact Glen to join him for a sunrise shoot on the Northern Beaches on a Saturday morning to learn low light photography, slow shutterspeed techniques and composition.

Travel and Nature  Patricia Beal, FAPS, FRPS:

Patricia is one of our most widely travelled members.  She has extensive experience as a camera club judge and has been both judging and successfully entering internationals for over 20 years.  Show her your work for comment or speak to her before you go overseas for tips on where, what and how to take Photo Travel images.

Portrait  Kerry Boytell, EFIAP, FAPS:

It’s not as easy as it looks to produce a prize winning portrait or travel photograph. If you would like to learn how, Kerry Boytell has won many awards and medals and is happy to pass on tips and techniques to members.

Sport  Eric Lippey, FAPS:

It takes a lot of skill to capture the perfect moment of split-second sport action.  Eric Lippey is an expert in this type of photography and can offer advice if this is your area of interest.

Publishing Your Own Photobook  Rosslyn Duncan
Rosslyn will explain the do’s and don’ts of creating a photobook from her own experience.

General Image Assessment

Patricia Beal

Kerry Boytell

Eric Lippey

If you would like help in matting a print or naming/resizing a digital image for entering a competition, deciding which photograph best fits a set subject, or producing an image that will catch a judge’s eye, now you can show your work to one of the club’s three judges for feedback and constructive suggestions.

Patricia Beal, Kerry Boytell and Eric Lippey have experience in judging at club, national and international level for many years.  They have also gained recognition and medals for their photography in Australia and overseas.
Bring your work in for assessment at a club meeting, or email one of our special interest volunteers.