2017 December; Annual Awards

Sunday 03/12, Norths Photographic Society Annual Awards
Harbourview Hotel, North Sydney
Judge Tanya Du Toit

Another fantastic year of photography comes to an end and it’s time to celebrate. A fun afternoon, first class buffet and lots of prizes to be won.
Thank you to the membership for being so supportive of the club and congratulations on your entries during the year.
You must attend the Annual Awards to present your best images.

Les Atkins Newport Pool       Eric Lippey Where's Dinner       Glen Parker Vintage Rock
Digital Image                          Colour Print                               Mono print
Les Atkins Newport Pool       Eric Lippey Where’s Dinner      Glen Parker Vintage Rock

All  finalist images receive the judges’ feedback comments to encourage photographers to assess their own work and improve their skills moving forward.
Your best images are presented to be recognised and awarded for excellence in photography.
Finalists are chosen and one winner announced in the following;
Digital image of the year :  Colour print of the year :  Mono print of the year
Feedback from judge
Thank you to all who helped organise such a happy, friendly and fun end of year luncheon to acknowledge the great work from all club members who had won awards during the year.  I was honored to be invited to judge the end of year categories and I certainly had a hard time choosing the different category winners. The event itself went off without a hitch and I am sure that everyone appreciated the efforts that the organisers put in.  Congratulations again to all the members that contributed images throughout the year.Keep up the great work.
Kind regards Tanya Du Toit

We also congratulate members who achieved 1st , 2nd  and 3rd  placing’s in the print and digital monthly competitions held throughout the 2017 year
Results as follows;
1st Kerry Boytell                     1st Alan Park
2nd Les Atkins                         2nd Karl Noonan
3rd Glen Parker                      3rd Geoff Clark
1st Glen Parker                      1st Alan Park
2nd Les Atkins                       2nd Karl Noonan
3rd Kerry Boytell                  3rd Peter West
1st Kerry Boytell                   1st Alan Park
2nd Les Atkins                       2nd Karl Noonan
3rd Glen Parker                    3rd Phil Cargill
1st Les Atkins
2nd Kerry Boytell
3rd Glen Parker
Les Atkins, Tranquility    /        Peter West, Mishap
Les Atkins Tranquility  Peter West Mishap
  Annual Awards images;
happy group   peoples choice   good times
look this way   happy Tim  Barb_Greg
Sue_03122017 Sweets  set to go

2017 October; Presenter

aerial _3853    landscape 3854   Kimberley  Stingray-MontgomeryReef Kimberley  The Ghan railway line from above Alice Springs
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Tuesday 10/10 – Great evening with Tom Putt, inspiring images on aerial /drone photography.

Thanks Tom for making it entertaining too!

I attended with two other friends the club meeting on 10 October 2017.
We were warmly received at the door and welcomed in.
We found the guest speaker and presenter, Tom Putt, very knowledgeable and a professional at his work. His passion for photography, particularly aerial photography, was inspiring. I took his card and intend visiting him when I’m next in Melbourne. His aerial photography was absolutely amazing. So happy that we attended.
I hope to be back, participating and competing. – Richard Shakenovsky




2017 September; Creative competition

Tues 26 Sept.Creative
click image
Tuesday 26/09 Creative competition – judge Tanya Du Toit
I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful talent that you have in your club.  I am also very thankful for the positive feedback that I received on the night.  It was really lovely to have some members come up and thank me for my comments and critiquing.  I try to make an effort in giving something useful with my judging.  Although creative is harder to give technical critique to I hope I imparted some knowledge and inspiration and I can honestly say that I got inspiration from the work that I saw on the night.  thank you all again for a great comp night.

I feel she was as well pretty good. Very constructive in feedback, not holding back with advise (if its creative it has to be creative!) and open however short and sharp. And I like that she judged the A grade harder than the B – grade. Something I sense not all judges do. -  Jochen Hess

Online Open – judge Mark Kelly
Images: http://nslps.org.au/galleries/?year=MjAxNw%3D%3D&group=Sep%20Online%20Open

2017 September; Presenter

Tues12 Sept Alfonso Calero
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Tuesday 12/9 Alfonso shared his experiences taking us on interesting travels through Japan and Spain, with Q&A along the way.
Thanks Alfonso it was fun and entertaining!
Unlock your creativity; Start a Project – Alfonso suggests we all try and have a project going on. Challenges to go on your learning adventure unlock that creativity within yourself!
Link here:



2017 September; President’s Shield

resized group1  IMG_3739  Forkfun IMG_3744   table
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Friday 01/09 Nominee; Jochen Hess
The President’s Shield night is held annually in September and each intra club has a nominee based on their contribution to Norths, their intraclub, either their sporting achievements, service to sport or special interest group over the preceding year.
It is a fun evening with music and dancing, listen to what other intraclubs say about their nominated person. Throughout the evening there is a slideshow of each intraclubs activities and social events.
History – Presidents Shield Awards
In 1955 a group of dedicated Norths supporters, led by the late Harry McKinnon, formed North Sydney Leagues Club. With the help of their families and debenture holders, they bought a house in Merlin Street, North Sydney, which was the Club’s first home. In July 1964 due to lack of space and the threat of the new expressway, Norths sadly left their beloved Merlin Street home and moved to Cammeray.
With a new building and a new look Sports Council headed by Fred Orreill and his active committee, new Intra Clubs were added (see http://www.norths.com.au/community/intra-clubs/ for a current list).
The first Sportsman of the Year Night, chosen from the Intra Clubs, was held in 1980, the winner for 1979 being Graham Hoschke, who was the Secretary of the Fishing Club.
Former NORTHS Sydney Leagues Club President, Mr. Ray Beattie, renamed the ‘Sportsman of the Year’ award the ‘President’s Shield’.

2017 August; Hill End weekend

Hill End Lodge    Jochen   Car graveyard  20170813_065422   20170812_125157
Friday 11/ Saturday 12
Jochen’s wrap up…
About 12of us drove up Friday night to Hill End and organised an early start for Saturday morning. Sunrise was at 7 which meant we had plenty of time to sleep in. Our location for the sunrise was Merlin’s lookout. A cloudless sky made it an uneventful morning.
After a hearty breakfast we explored the town ship and the old car yard – a collection of 20 rusty old cars strewn over the Forrest. A very special place!
Some had a snooze whilst others visited the local pub and simply enjoyed the warm winter sun. We headed out to Bald Hill for a unique sunset. Back to the lodge for dinner and some of us still had not enough and went out for light painting, star shots or simply night photography.
With hardly any light pollution Hill End is the perfect place for these sort of images.
Sunday morning we re visited the car yard with the idea to light paint some of the old and rusty vehicles. It proved to be a good idea as sunrise once again was cloudless and plain.
On the way home we stopped a little distance outside from Sofala for the Bus Grave yard. A collection of 7 or 8 old buses, trucks and lorries. All filled by a hoarder with all sorts of things modern life has to offer. A paradise for any photographer. This place is well hidden which makes it so unique and interesting.

Overall, an interesting weekend with a super bunch of people. We learn from each other, share knowledge and passion and all aim for the same thing – to produce a great photo.

2017 August; Open competition

click image
Tuesday 22/08 – Open competition – judge Analia Paino
What a fantastic judge- so good at making everyone feel worthy photographers and being so spot on with her advice as every photo was critiqued individually and there were no favourite sayings- mimimistic, focus etc. I honestly believed her to be one of the best judges I have ever experienced, better that 99% of judges in the UK too Well done. – Annie Williams

Analia Paino says:
It really is wonderful to hear such positive feedback and most importantly that people found it worthwhile. That’s what competitions are all about, personal growth and development.

Online subject Landscape / Seascape – judge Tom Putt


2017 August; Presenter

08Tue 8 August Adam Williams  Presenting Adam Williams
Click image
Tuesday 08/08 Adam Williams – The Formula for Interesting Landscape, a practical presentation.
Thanks for a great evening Adam, your montage images were especially inspiring!