– International Competitions

Members are encouraged to take up the challenge, show their talents to a larger audience and enter some of the listed competitions and see how they perform at international standards.

International exhibition of art photography : Koriton 2019 : Photoclub Kumanovo, Macedonia Section A: Open – Mono / Colour

2019 Koriton Catalog

The following received Acceptances *

6th Jodhpur Int’l Circuit 2020                                                                                      

3 judging saloon-Jodhpur-Udaipur-Ahmedabad

2020 Jodhpur Catalog

12th Holland Int’l Circuit 2020

5 judging salon – acceptance in 2 salons – Joslyn Davis – Cranes

2020 Holland Circuit Catalog 

2020 Elite Photo Salon Greece

Acceptance: Maria Mazo & Joslyn Davis – pages 57 & 58 onwards

2020 Greece Salon Catalog

LALJAL Circuit 2020  – JHARGRAM Photography Club

2020 JGP Circuit Catalog

5 Sections; Mono, Colour, Nature, P’Jrnlism, Photo Travel

5 judging salon: Belpahari, Chilkigarh, Kendua, Kurumbera, Laljal

Kerry Boytell Colour Sunset Race-PSA Gold & E-Merit

Kerry Boytell Colour Omo Warrior-E-Merit

Kerry Boytell Photo Travel Hunting with his Eagle-Jury Choice

Kerry Boytell Nature Caracara Confrontation-Jury Choice

Kerry Boytell Nature Whooper Swans Landing-Jury Choice