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Alpe De Suisi My Perch Bee Eater Landing

In the following Kerry Boytell had 31 acceptances out of 32 entries, fantastic!

APC Spring Circuit 2018 – 3 Salons
- Salon ASRPC (Australian Star Rating Photography Club)
Landscape, APC Silver Medal, Alpe De Suisi
Nature, GFWP Bronze Medal, My Perch

APC Spring Circuit 2018
- Salon CPA
Landscape, WCPF Bronze Medal, Alpe De Suisi
Nature, GFWP Gold Medal, My Perch
Wildlife, WCPF  Honorable Mention, Bee Eater Landing
Birds, GFWP Silver Medal, Bonelli Eagles Catch

APC Spring Circuit 2018
- Salon SCPSA
Nature, WCPF Silver Medal, My Perch
Wildlife, GFWP Honorable Mention, Bee Eater Landing
Birds, WCPF Honorable Mention, Bonelli Eagles Catch

Vast Vision Photo Club – VDR Circuit 2018 – VVPC Salon
Wildlife Bronze Medal, My Perch

Indian 4 Salon Circuit 2018
Congratulations Kerry Boytell
Wildlife, PSA Gold Medal and (Wildlife Photography Assoc of India) WPAI Gold; Imminent Closure
Photo Travel, Best of Landscape; St Johannes

Imminent Closure  St Johannes

2018 FCC Interclub Competition
The club did extremely well.
1st Mono Prints
2nd Colour Prints
2nd Nature Prints
1st Colour Digital Images
FCC Interclub 2018

Congratulations Kerry Boytell for the following;
1st Australian Digital Photographic Association Int’l 2018 – ADPA
Nature PSA, ADPA Bronze Medal, Bonelli with dinner.

2018 Photo Club Double Declic, Int’l Sillian Organisation
Bonelli With Dinner1
Nature: PSA Bronze Medal; Bonelli with dinner

2018 Heritage Bank 30th Annual Photographic Awards.

north curl curl view

Congratulations Glen Parker
Open Category: Highly Commended; North Curl Curl View
Heritage Bank announced the winners of its 30th Annual Photographic Awards.
From over 2,000 entries Glen had four images in the top 50.
Heritage Bank website 

30th Sutherland Shire National Exhibition of Photography 2018
These members are to be congratulated for their achievements.
Open Colour; Les Atkins Cathedral Rock–APS Gold Medal in Open Colour & APS Gold Medal for best image of Exhibition.
Open colour; Les Atkins Mystery Islands – Highly Commended
Nature; Kerry Boytell Bonelli and Pigeon – APS Gold Medal
Open Mono; Kerry Boytell Snowy Owl Caught a meal – Highly Commended
Creative; Eric Lippey The Dentist – Highly Commended
Open Mono; Eric Lippey Caracara – Highly Commended
Nature; Eric Lippey  2 Eagles – Highly Commended
Nature; Karl Noonan Spider for Lunch – Highly Commended
Maria Mazo – Acceptances in Open Colour/Mono and Nature

2018 FCC Topshot
Most successful clubs Central Coast Leagues Club Camera Club 1437 Wangi Workers Club 913 Australian Digital Photographic Association 738 Norths Photographic Society  729
View results:

Kerry Rajasthani Man
Mono Print Kerry Boytell Rajasthani Man 2nd Place (13)
Maria Mazo Lavin Front Light Highly Commended (12)
Colour Print Kerry Boytell To catch a crow Highly Commended (12)
Nature Print Kerry Boytell It’s all mine Highly Commended (12)
Eric  terminator   Kerry Boytell It's only water
Colour Digital
Eric Lippey Terminator 1st Place (14) Kerry Boytell It’s only water 3rd Place (14)
Kerry Boytell Green Brilliant at flower Highly Commended (13)
Kerry Boytell Alpe De Suisi Highly Commended (13)
Eric Lippey Mockingbird Highly Commended (13)
Mono Digital Eric Lippey Caracara 2nd Place (13)
Eric Karakara

Nature Digital Kerry Boytell Not sharing Highly Commended (12)

2017 PSA – Photographic Society of America – Photo Travel
Congratulations to Photo Travel: end of year standings; in the overall playoff came 1st in the group. Playoff; 1st place to Hemant Kogekar, Melbourne at Dusk. Round 1. (HM=Honorable Mention) Eric Lippey 3rd Franz Josef Glacier Glen Parker HM Summer Wonderland Round 2. Kian Mak  HM Departing Glen Parker HM Waterfall on Steroids Round 3. Phil Cargill 1st Framed Fisherman Hemant Kogekar 3rd Melbourne Dusk Ralph Hilmer HM Family Goat Images also used in this year, Les Atkins, Jim Millar, Steve Mullarkey, Christine Nelson, Kerry Boytell, Michael Hing, Alistair McIntosh. The scores of all images contributed to the top score.

2017 FCC Interclub Further results and images:
Digital; Australian Landscape, 2nd Digital; Colour, 1st Digital; Mono, 5th Digital; Creative, 2nd Digital; Nature, 4th (equal) Print; Colour, 1st Print; Mono, 2nd Print; Nature, 2nd

2017 Congratulations to the Topshot winners
HC Nature Prints Kerry  HC Nature digital HC Nature digial eric
FCC Topshot 2nd Place Colour Print Glen Parker Yellow Flowers 3rd Colour Digital Glen Parker Waterfall On Steroids H/C Nature Digital  Glen Parker Landing 1 2nd Place Aust Landscape Digital Glen Parker Cave Swirl H/C Aust Landscape Digital  Glen Parker Red Channel H/C Monochrome Print Kerry Boytell The Opium Den H/C Nature Print  Kerry Boytell Mountain Lion Thinking 2nd Place Nature Digital Eric Lippey The flight H/C Nature Digital Eric Lippey Whitetailed eagle

2017 Maitland International Salon of Photography Australia
In this year’s competition they received 5,100 images in total from 47 countries.
Emma Emma Les Atkins

- PSA Gold Medal for Best Monochrome Print , Emma Les Atkins
- 2 merits Eric Lippey – PSA Bronze medal Nature Prints Kerry Boytell: APS Silver medal Nature Prints Salon Bronze medal Nature Prints FIAP HM Nature Prints Merit Open Projected Images Merit Monochrome Prints FIAP badge for best author of exhibition
2016 AIPC – Australian Interstate Photographic Competition – Adelaide
Merit Glen Parker Guggenheim Swirl
2016 InterClub – Norths Photographic Society results;
1st  Monochrome Print 1st Colour Print 2nd Nature Print 2nd (equal) Monochrome Digital 1st Nature Digital 1st Creative Digital
2016 Congratulations to the Topshot winners.

2016 Eric Lippey 1st Best Mono PrintGlen Parker 2nd Best Colour Print

Monochrome Print 1st – Eric Lippey – Hooked - Best Monochrome Print 3rd – Kerry Boytell – Thoughtful H/C Les Atkins Jasmine H/C Glen Parker Warriewood Fireworks
Colour Print 2nd – Glen Parker Flatiron Building 3rd – Eric Lippey Brilliant Hummer
Nature Print H/C Kerry Boytell Little Hermit #1
Monochrome Digital H/C Glen Parker Guggenheim Swirl
Nature Digital H/C Kerry Boytell Green Crowned Brilliant with Flower H/C Eric Lippey Weaver
reative Digital H/C Les Atkins Leopard Lady H/C Kerry Boytell Phoenix Rising
H/C Christine Nelson Lady in White
2016 SIEP – Sydney International Exhibition of Photography Open Colour: Commended, Eric Lippey, Baobabs DPI Nature: PSA Gold Medal, Kerry Boytell, Violet Sabre Wing Ballet
2015/ 2016 PSA – Photographic Society of America – Inter-Club End of year standings.
1st Place PID Creative Group B 2nd Place Photo Travel Division Group A 2nd Place PID Open Group C
2015 FCC Interclub Competition Member clubs compete for awards in a variety of sections. Norths Photographic results: 1st Creative Digital Images 1st Colour Prints 1st Monochrome Prints 2nd Nature Digital Images 2nd Nature Prints

May 2015 TOP 101 IMAGES of the Int’l Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition.

Glen Parker received a placement in the Top 101 images with his entry Ice Cream. glen2015000318

June 2015 FCC TopShot
We congratulate Glen Parker who was the overall ‘Topshot’ winner. He received a Perpetual Trophy and the fabulous UDesign ‘Photo Tour to Iceland’. His image, ‘Lone Tree’, won Colour Digital ‘1st Prize’, Best Projected image and Top Shot. This amazing image was shot in the south island of New Zealand last year. In Colour Prints, Glen received a Highly Commended for his image ‘Misty Mountain Hop’ It is the second time that Glen’s name is recorded on the perpetual trophy as he swept the pool of prizes and won Topshot in 2008. Overall our club did very well and congratulations to other members who helped contribute to our club’s achievements. Glen is also to be congratulated for his recent success in the Trierenberg Super Circuit 2015, a very prestigious worldwide photographic competition, with winners being drawn from a unique collection of master photographers, something very special. His awards were two Gold Medals for the following outstanding images: Moody’ in the Seasons & Weather section, and Kiama Quarry’ in the (TIPA) Discover the World section. Congratulations once again Glen, on your outstanding images and work contributed to our club. You are a master photographer!!
TopShot image,  Lone Tree    Trierenberg mages, Moody

Kiama Quarry

March 2015 – Trierenberg Super Circuit We congratulate Glen Parker and Kerry Boytell for their recent success in this  very prestigious competition world wide. Glen received 2 Gold Medals for his images Moody in Seasons & Weather and Kiama Quarry in (TIPA) Discover the World. Kerry received a Silver Medal for her image Church at Vik in Digital Images. March 2015 PSA -Photographic Society of America – Interclub competition - Open Congratulations to all who helped contribute to our high score of 74 and to those who received an  Honorable MentionRay Baker - The Stranger from the Past. Joslyn Davis - Hidden Warrior. Anna Pha - Concrete Stairwell We came an equal 3rd. Images for the November make up, did very well achieving a score of 74.
January 2015 PSA - Photographic Society of America – Interclub competition - Open
NPS entered for the first time and came 2nd for the month with 72 points in our group. Congratulations to all. Best of the Show – Christine Nelson – In Thought  - 15points
Honorable Mentions – Glen Parker – Starry Seascape – 12. Other images by Les Atkins, Kerry Boytell, Eric Lippey and Patricia Beal also contributed to our top score.
Christine Nelson – In Thought
2014-2015 Photo Travel Division Interclub competition Results
1st Place 91 pts NPS - Division champions - congratulations and well done!
February 2015  PSA -  Photographic Society of America- Photo Travel
Round 2 - Division A. NPS did well again and was placed 4th - with only 3 points separating the first 5 clubs, so it was still a good result, keeping us well in contention for the overall contest. Thanks to images by Michael Hing, Lucie Loane, Rosslyn Duncan, Kerry Boytell, Eric Lippey and Patricia Beal. Special congratulations to Michael, whose image “Tribal Gathering” was awarded an Honorable Merit.
December 2014-2015 PSA - Photographic Society of America- Photo Travel
Round 1- Division A. NPS was placed 1st in our division Lucie Loane's image Blue Girl was placed 1st. Other images, by Eric Lippey, Kerry Boytell, Michael Hing, Rosslyn Duncan and Patricia Beal also contributed to our top score.
May 2014 TOP 101 IMAGES of the Int'l Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition.

Glen Parker received a placement in the Top 101 images with his entry Warriewood.  Warriewood#5455

March 2014 Merrimack Valley Camera Club George W. Glennie Nature Salon The salon is open to camera clubs and photographic associations worldwide. It was an exciting competition with 833 fine images from 85 clubs. Our club ranked 13th. Congratulations to; Glen Parker, 1st Place - Ya Gotta Love it - Category: Seascapes & Waterfalls Kerry Boytell, Merit Award -Love Love Me Do - Category: Birds-Shore & Sea Other members with 'Acceptances' were Bob Green and Eric Lippey.

2014 In the Salon Serbia Open monochrome Kerry Boytell received a Salon Gold medal for her entry Attitude.
2014 Maitland International Salon Eric Lippey received a Bronze plaque for “Mandril” in nature. Kerry Boytell received: - Gold medal and PSA medal for best Nature Print for “Mountain Lion Stalking” Honorable Mention Mono print, “Fish Eagle Going for Dinner” Merit, Mono print: “Church at Vik” FIAP medal : Best Author of salon Les Atkins received Certificate of Merit  in Mono Prints for “Young Highlander” Anna Pha received FIAP Gold Medal for Excellence in Proj Images for “Everlasting”.
2014-2015 PSA - Nature Contest #1 Group B. Congratulations to the club and especially to those who represented the club in the recent PSA nature club competition. We did extremely well coming equal 2nd by ONE point. Special congratulations to Eric who was awarded an Honorable Merit for his image Snow Leopard. I think we can do better next time. But this was very pleasing.
April 2014 PSA -Creative Congratulations to the following and their Honorable Mention awards. Michael Hing - Prehistoric Age Christine Nelson - Tulip Forrest Ray Papulis - Cerebus 4
2014 PSA - Photographic Society of America The club is enjoying its achievements in the Creative section, we now decide to enter in the Nature, Open and photo travel competitions.


2013 Hervey Bay 2nd National Digital Salon Ian Mills achieved an Honorable Mention for his evocative monochrome Somewhere Beyond the Mist.

May 2013 Chasing the Light Juried Photo Competition Kerry Boytell was a finalist and recorded an Honorable Mention, Chasing the Aurora. Laurent_Launay_Dream_On

March 2013 Merrimack Valley Camera Club George W. Glennie Nature Salon The salon is open to camera clubs and photographic associations worldwide. This year's competition was a success with 900 images from 91 clubs from around the world. Our club ranking tied 8th place out of 91 clubs and of the 16 clubs entered from Australia we came 1st!! That's pretty good! Congratulations to; Laurent Launay, first place - Dream  - Category - (Seascapes) in Landscapes-Seascapes Glen Parker,  Merit Award - Strike me lucky  in the same category Lucie Loane, Merit Award - Brown Pelican with Turtle -Category-Birds-Herons,Pellicans, Allies. Other members with "Acceptances" (top 1/3 of entries) were Ralph Hilmer and Eric Lippey.

December 2012 - June 2013 Season score sheet. PSA - Photographic Society of America. Creative Competition - Group C We came 3rd in the group for the season, well done. June PSA Creative - Congratulations to Kerry Boytell, Honorable Mention for  Dreaming. Kerry_Boytell_Dreaming

February 2013 PSA - Creative competition. Congratulations to the following for their Award of Merit Kerry Boytell, for Night Rider Michael Hing for Life's Passage.

December 2012 PSA - Creative Kerry Boytell - Scary Graveyard - Honorable Mention Jay Daley - Believe N Yourself - Award of Merit Janie News - Strawberry Love - Award of Merit