2019 March: Competition Creative / Open

Creative Tanya du Toit

Tuesday 26/03 Thanks to our judge for the night Tanya du Toit.

See the results, and all the submitted images here: https://nslps.org.au/galleries/?gal=2019

2019 March: Delly Carr – Record breaking sports photographer

delly carr   Delly Carr
Tuesday 12 March.

We joined again for another night of incredible photography and invaluable learnings from Australia’s top Sports photographer.

A presentation that gave us the pleasure to see his incredible images, but specially that gave us an insight view of his story as a photographer, how the love for sports led him to follow his dream and risk big.

To see more of his work, visit his website www.sportsphotography.com.au and follow his instagram feed @dellyphotoninja

2019 Feb: Competition – Open


Tuesday 26/02  Good evening of great images and valuable comments by Alfonso Calero.
See the results, and all the submitted images here: https://nslps.org.au/galleries/?gal=2019

2019 Feb: Presentation Jan Breckwoldt – Weekend adventures NSW & around the world

Storm02_final screens norths

Tuesday 12 Feb.

What an amazing presentation night. We all loved it and the comments couldn’t be better. It was hard to believe that this was his first time presenting to other photographers, because it was both entertaining and inspiring.

Jan took us trough his photographic journey: his first digital camera and those first long exposures, how he has grown as a photographer, his adventures to get those amazing astro photographs, the excitement of capturing the perfect storm, the gear he likes and the thinking behind his incredible images.

The time lapse and videos made an already great presentation even better.
This was a great way to start the year, I hope he presents again in the future.

If you want to see more of his work, check his instagram feed, he posts not only great images, but also the very entertaining stories behind them: @janbreckwoldt_photography

2019 Welcome back

Welcome back to another year of great photography with lots of fun and friendly gatherings.
Our Program for 2019 promises to be very successful and your committee expect the club will continue to grow.

Monthly meetings will be held as before on the second and fourth Tuesdays starting at 7.30pm.
There will be a presenter on the second Tuesdays and members competition on the fourth Tuesdays.

Competition will alternate monthly Open and a subject.
Digital (Projected) and Prints will continue.
The number of entries will be the same; Prints 2 mono, 2 colour / 2 Digital
- tag all entries at the end of the title 1,2, 3 Do not use symbols in your titles or between tag numbers.
(3 times and the image is out altogether/we don’t want to see it again!
CLOSE OFF FOR ALL ENTRIES: is the Friday before the Tuesday competition.

The committee have decided to drop Online competition.

AWARDS: Any image awarded a Merit or Credit during a calendar year may not be re-entered in a monthly competition in the same calendar year. (Can be re-entered in the next year/s)

Life of image entries: No one work may be entered in club competitions more than three (3) times in total.  This includes entries in the Digital competition.

2018 December, Annual Awards

Sunday 25/11 at NORTHS – Annual Awards and Christmas Luncheon
Judge Tony Egan
Your best images are presented to be recognised and awarded for excellence in photography.
All images are critiqued and one winner announced in the following;
Digital image of the year :    Colour print of the year :     Mono print of the year
The winners are:
North Curl Curl       Azure winged magpie landing        Jim Millar Priest Tatev Monastery Armenia
 Glen Parker                                  Kerry Boytell                                     Jim Millar
North Curl Curl                            Azure winged magpie landing       Priest Tatev Monastery

The results of A Grade and B Grade print and digital monthly competitions held throughout the 2018 year are;
Digital A                                                              Digital B
1st  Kerry Boytell                                              1st Hemant Kogekar
2nd Glen Parker                                               2nd Karl Noonan
3rd  Jim Wilson                                                 3rd Nikki Pollock
Mono Print A                                                    Mono Print B
1st Kerry Boytell                                              1st Hemant Kogekar
2nd Stephen Allworth                                    2nd Keith Baetz
3rd Greg Lake                                                  3rd Karl Noonan
Colour Print A                                                  Colour Print B
1st Kerry Boytell                                              1st Hemant Kogekar
2nd Stephen Allworth                                    2nd Keith Baetz
3rd Alan Park                                                   3rd Karl Noonan
1st Hemant Kogekar
2nd Margaret Frankish
3rd Kerry Boytell & Stephen Allworth
Congratulations to everyone

Members enjoying the luncheon
group_5491 margaret_5494 slideshow patrica n jim_5486 john g_5490  prawns_E5495  room5489 prizes

People’s Choice - a tie
Bondi Drovers             Stallions in the Dust
Greg Lake - Bondi Drovers       Kerry Boytell – Stallions in the Dust

2018 FCC Interclub

interclub 7 interclub1 interclub4 interclub6
Sunday 21/10 Host club St George Photographic Society

The club is congratulated for an outstanding performance.
1st Mono Prints
2nd Colour Prints
2nd Nature Prints
1st Colour Digital Images

Results:  https://photonsw.myphotoclub.com.au/mypc-comp-view-results/

FCC runs two (2) competitions each year TOPSHOT (normally May) – which is open to individuals who are members of camera clubs affiliated with the FCC.
and INTERCLUB (around October) – in which member clubs compete for awards in a variety of sections.





2018 Oct; Presentation Kerry Boytell – Nature

  Final Tuesday 9 October  kerry Nature talk
Tuesday 9/10
How to best shoot nature images, including equipment, how to obtain the best images and where to find them. Also includes the nature and wildlife rules.

…We were taken on a fabulous tour around the world to each location Kerry had taken her nature shots. Each image included detailed information about the subject, the environments involved and personal stories about her experiences in the field….
…Thank you Kerry,  your presentation was excellent…