2020 July: Dolomites Adventures – Jan Breckwoldt

To hear Jan talking about his adventures is so entreating and motivating, that really makes you want to grab your camera, buy a ticket and head out (it also makes you a little hungry though :).

What a great experience, and what an amazing and dedicated photographer, we are waiting for his next adventures.

2020 June: Macro and Close-up photography – Roy Killen.

Tuesday, June 9

An incredible night of Macro and Close-up photography with Roy Killen.

Roy went all the way from the basic to the specialized gear, giving us an incredibly in depth explanation and demonstration of the different characteristics each lens and attachment has, allowing us all to ask questions and get a better understanding of the subject. But even further, his incredible images and great advice will for sure help our members when attempting to get those stories that can’t be normally seen by the human eye.

2020 May: Competition Open

Tuesday May 26 Via Zoom

Via Zoom again (Until everything goes back to normal), we had an incredible night of photography.

It was amazing to see what the members of the Club have been up to during these difficult times, we are looking forward to see each other again.

An open competition with comments from Ben Lee that were on point and very encouraging, and the winners of the night were certainly incredible stories for an Open competition.

2020 May: Mads Peter Iversen

Tuesday 12/5/2020

All the way from Denmark we got one of the best Landscape photographers of the moment, not only showing us incredible images of Nordic landscapes, but even better, letting us all in his workflow and the thinking process behind his images.

And to finish it all in a high note by showing us some of his post processing techniques

If you want to see more of his work take a look at his website: https://www.mpiphoto.dk/ and his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrWU2BpF6zvRFnkYHDDYHDg

2020 April: Competition Nature

Tuesday 05/05 via Zoom
Excellent judging with Roy Killen and great to see many members joining the Zooming!

Feedback: the judging by Roy Killen was excellent. He managed to provide constructive comments to each image within a reasonable time frame. I really enjoyed the session..

Winner Colour; Freshly Caught, Well done Patricia.
    Galleries Nature

2020 April: Bondi Photojournalism, David Itzkowic

click book,  then click arrows for large view

I spend a lot of time walking on Bondi Beach in Sydney. Bondi Beach has a certain culture: family, friends, surf, sand, exercise, a feeling of exhilaration and relaxation. I love it.

feedback: very nice images and it was interesting to see how he worked through the exhibition process

2020 Mar: Moon Shoot with Matt Hudson

Monday 9/03 – Matt: Super moody supermoon. I ran an informal get together with Norths Photographic to shoot the supermoon. The cloud forecast looked great a week out, but as it neared things started to look worse. Thankfully on the night the conditions improved and we got almost 30 minutes of impacted visibility. I actually prefer a bit of cloud for moonrise; while it’s far more likely you won’t get the shot, if you do manage to get a gap it adds so much character to the images.

Image by Jim Millar