SIG National & International Exhibitions

National & International Exhibitions
You are encouraged to take up the challenge, show your talents to a larger audience and enter some of the listed competitions and see how you perform at international standards. International competitions listed are recognised by FIAP = Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique, PSA = Photographic Society of America and APS = Australian Photographic Society.
Locate the respective entry forms, read the details and understand it all before entering .
Be aware of sizing requirements and payment methods.
For any assistance speak to Kerry at our club meetings or email

Schedule of Competitions

Maitland International Salon of Photography

Sydney International Exhibition of Photography
(SIEP) – electronic entries only

Sydney Harbour International

Vigex International Print Photography Salon
 print salons – old numbered years
digital salons -even numbered years

Crimson Circuit

Koriton photo club kumanovo

GASO (USA) Georgia Southern Circuit

Greek Circuit

Jodhpurs International Circuit

Trierenberg Super Circuit & Special Themes Circuit, Austria
a very prestigious competition

International Circuit Photography, Italy

 Photo Club Double Declic International Sillian Organisation

Middle East Grand Circuit

Narava International Salon