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Nov 2021: Annual Awards

Tuesday 30/11 : NORTHS

Many thanks to Robin Moon for judging and making comments on selected Digital images and Prints in mono and colour.
Thanks to the members who entered their work to be recognised and awarded for excellence in photography. Congratulations to all.

Digital Awards

Digital of the Year, Les Atkins, Cathedral Rock
Runner Up, Eric Lippey, Fido
Third place, Erith French, The Commute

Print Awards

Mono Print of the Year, Maria Mazo, Tree Frog in a leaf
Runner Up, Jim Millar, Ballerina at window Havana
Third place, Eric Lippey, Novak
Colour Print of the Year, Maria Mazo, The Hunter
Runner Up, Denise Petrie, Street Cat
Third Place, Jim Millar, Lijiang Girl

Members Achievements 2021

The club is now in recess and will resume in February 2022, stay tuned to the Home Page for further details.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Nov 2021: Kris Anderson, Visual Story telling

Zoom : Tuesday 23 November 2021

Thanks for a great evening Kris and the interesting discussion that came after.

Images by Anderson


One of our favourite pursuits is to create unique illustrative imagery to tell a story or convey a feeling – something that is normally challenging in a static image.
If you can capture someone’s story or find a way to express their feelings and communicate them clearly, that’s a pretty good outcome.

Nov 2021: Competition – Open

Tuesday 09/11 Zoom with Tim Moon, an excellent judge.

Results: Gallery 2021

Winner Digital Mono, Eric Lippey, Fido
Winner Digital Colour, Maria Mazo, Soft Sunrise

What I found most helpful were the suggestions he made to improve most of the images submitted. I thought these were constructive comments...

I thought he was an excellent judge‘…

Oct 2021: Competition Open

Tuesday 26/10 Zoom with Adrian Donoghue

Image Adrian Donoghue Rising Seas

Results: Gallery 2021

Winner Colour Digital, Lena Qian – Walking around Dome of the Rock
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1-1024x532.png
Winner Mono Digital, Greg Lake – Hill End View

the judge was very good, he gave critique that was ‘spot on’…
very good, I learnt alot’…
look forward to his presentation next year’

2021 Sep: David J Stout (UK)

What a shame this was disappointing to members, not very inspiring, it was just a travelogue. However, one member enjoyed the photos and descriptions, especially on Myanmar (Burma). The countries travelled were Myanmar, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

2021 Aug: Competition Open

Tuesday 23/08
We are Zooming with Malcolm Fackender.
What a great night of judging with Malcolm, we watch and listen as he delivered constructive comments on members images which will certainly help to advance their goals in photography.

Results: Gallery 2021

2021 July: Competition Creative

Covid – Greater Sydney lockdown until at least the end of August.
All presentations and competitions will be on Zoom until further notice.
Entries will be digital in colour and mono.

Tuesday 27/07 – on Zoom with Tanya Du Toit

Stop (Tanya Du Toit)
Fire (Tanya Du Toit)

Thank you Tanya for a great judging of member’s creative images with comments made as a process of learning and assist them to improve.

These are the winning images for Creative. More results here Gallery 2021

Hemant Kogekar, Macaws
Erith French, The Commute
Hemant Kogekar, Solitude