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2019 November: People in the Environment

We’re getting close to the end of the year, a few more meetings and activities and that’s it for 2019.

To hear Kerry go over the different things we did this year, as a start for our AGM, made me realise once again how much I appreciate being part of this Club, to have a group of people that shares your interest, to be able to see the way they express through images, and to have a chance to learn so much from them, our presenters and judges is just amazing an priceless. So I’m looking forward to 2020 and all that it will bring.

The AGM was OK, but the competition went even better. The great images presented, and the judging from Peita Ward that was excellent and helpful, left me with a lot to think next time I’m out with my camera.

Winner Kerry Boytell Projected A Eagle Hunter with friend 1 Winner Kerry Boytell Colour Print A  Golden Eagle Festival Contestants Winner Greg Lake Mono Print A Amish Farmer & His Faithful Muels 2

To see all the entries go to our gallery:

2019 October: Open

Tuesday 22/10

Last open competition of the year and it ended with a high note. Not only for the quality of the images presented, but also thanks to Dennis’s judging: Fun, constructive and on point, I think we all enjoyed it and learnt from his experience.

After checking this month’s images: and if a photographic travel is in your list, also go and check Dennis’s website Wildlife Safari Consultants

2019 October: Tony Egan – Black & White

Tony Egan Tony Egan with prints Tony Egan prints 2 Jim Millar
Tuesday 08/10
Thank you Tony for an interesting evening.

A very interesting and well-presented talk, of considerable historical value. But anyone who wanted to follow this path could never join a present day camera club, because film and the darkroom are so far removed from our expertise that he would be isolated.

I thought the presentation was very interesting, and his points about direction and inspiration from the old masters was very important. However, I did not feel his photography (being all darkroom based) would have been pertinent to our members.
A talk on black and white photography with emphasis on how a good b and w digital image is achieved in photoshop, would have been much more relevant.
However, I did feel his prints and presentation were great, but would have liked for him to speak up more. Not sure that the back of the room heard him.


2019 September: Competition Architecture / Open

Tuesday 24/09
Check out the results here:

Architecture: all over the city and structures you are photographing you will find leading lines and these lines lead you to details or the most important areas of interest in the photograph. They show the structure in a different and interesting light. Symmetry also plays an important part. These create a powerful statement.

Gavin Jowitt Gavin Jowitt Gavin Jowitt Gavin-Jowitt
   Images by Gavin Jowitt our judge for the evening.
Thanks to Gavin for an interesting and informative evening judging. See more of Gavin’s work at

Feedback: very good, most interesting. Great prints he brought along.



2019 September: Michael Nicholson – Architecture photography

A great night of architecture photography and very interesting concepts and techniques to improve our own images.

It is always great when we can hear directly from someone with such experience in the field. Not only they have a lot to teach, but also the passion they transmit is motivating and contagious.

We really enjoyed the stories shown by Michael’s images of those incredible buildings.

If you want to see more of Michael Nicholson’s work visit his site and be amazed:


2019 August: Open

Tuesday 27/08

Good evening of great images and motivating comments by Craig Parker.

See the results, and all the submitted images here:

2019 August: Matt Hudson – Astro Photography

We had a great talk about astro photography, and thanks to Matt Hudson we all expanded our knowledge and interest in this type of photography. It will take us a bit to get the math right, but certainly hearing from Matt and seeing his amazing images makes you want to dust off the old slide rule and compass to go out and shoot.

If you want to know more about Matt’s work, follow him on instagram: @matthudsonphoto

2019 Aug: Studio Shoot – Western & Roaring Twenties

Saturday 3/08
Fantastic day for members with four themed studio sets with models styled and costumed for the theme.

Roaring twenties 9 Norths Shoot 11  Western 1 Norths Shoot 19
Images by Les Atkins

Hi Joslyn, Just a brief note to say thank you for organising the members studio shoot last Saturday.
It was a lot of fun for all those in attendance.

Hi Joslyn, I really enjoyed the studio shoot. It was very well organised and both Jodie and John went to a lot of effort to research the style and the lighting. It was good working in small groups and having a variety of set ups on the go at once.
The models were very good and were relaxed and professional.
John was attentive and his tips on lighting and working with models were helpful.
The room was a nice cool temperature with the strobe lights so made it comfortable to work in. Having the backdrops and props helped set the mood.

2019 July: Competition Photo Travel

Tuesday 23/07
A great evening of critique and learning with Allan Coker.

Feedback: Judging was excellent. The images were really good and the comments were very helpful; not only the good, but It is great to hear also comments on what is not so good about an image to work on it and improve.

See more:

2019 July: Alfonso Calero – Raw workflow; from raw to finish

For a long time a friend of the club, Alfonso has always helped us in so many different ways. This time in particular, with his presentation he gave us a view of his process and some great tips for all of us to go and practice.

Everything, from his mood boards on Pinterest, and how he uses inspiration from different disciplines to create his fantastic images, to his life experiences and those places he’s visited that are so important for what he does today.

Here just a small sample of Alfonso’s work:

Alfonso1 Alfonso2 Alfonso3

But if you missed this one, make sure you join us for the next presentations, there is always something new we learn from them.

And if you want to see more of what Alfonso showed us on the night, make sure you visit his site ( and read his blog, or even better, if you can join him for one of his tours.