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2018 August; Competition Open

facebook event  Winner Merit Glen Parker Beating My Head Up Against A Stone Wall  Winner Merit Kerry Boytell Mono Print A Open Oriente platform 1  Winner Merit Kerry Boytell Colour Print A Open Azure winged magpie landing 1
Tuesday 28/08  Members present their images for comments by judge Malcolm Fackender.
Malcolm is excellent, he gave constructive comments to help us improve and guidance on improving the processing of our images to help with building strong and interesting compositions.
Results here:

..Once again, it was great to visit your club.  I don’t judge all that often, but not only enjoy doing so at your club, but also enjoy looking at the work.  You have some great photographers there that I find so inspiring..Malcolm

Online Travel – judge Meredith Schofield
the quality was high, a lot more focus of traditional practice rather than over post processing. Also a lot better composition techniques. You should all be proud of the quality….Meredith

Winner: Hemant Kogekar – Herding sheep
Herding sheep


2018 August; Presenters

Tuesday 14/08 Do not miss this evening!
Travel – New Destinations
Alan & Michelle Hinde have travelled the world for many years and presented their excursions to photographic clubs, inspiring members to their wonderful world of travel. Stunning images in audio visual format.
..thanks Alan and Michelle for sharing so much..