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2019 Aug: Studio Shoot – Western & Roaring Twenties

Saturday 3/08
Fantastic day for members with four themed studio sets with models styled and costumed for the theme.

Roaring twenties 9 Norths Shoot 11  Western 1 Norths Shoot 19
Images by Les Atkins

Hi Joslyn, Just a brief note to say thank you for organising the members studio shoot last Saturday.
It was a lot of fun for all those in attendance.

Hi Joslyn, I really enjoyed the studio shoot. It was very well organised and both Jodie and John went to a lot of effort to research the style and the lighting. It was good working in small groups and having a variety of set ups on the go at once.
The models were very good and were relaxed and professional.
John was attentive and his tips on lighting and working with models were helpful.
The room was a nice cool temperature with the strobe lights so made it comfortable to work in. Having the backdrops and props helped set the mood.

2018 Sept; Studio Shoot – Film Noir

Saturday 22/09 Film Noir is a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, extending from the early 1940s to the late 1950s and is associated with a low-key black and white visual style. Often filmed in urban settings with extensive use of shadows and cynical in outlook.

eric shadow  Eric3 noir simon03  noir simon01 _DSC5696 noir simon04 film4  film1 film2 film3