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2021 Mar: Glyn Dewis – Photoshop

Second presentation of the year, and again it was a really interesting one, full of practical information and ideas to improve our work.

Thanks to Glyn Dewis (https://glyndewis.com/) for his easy to implement and really useful tips. The focus of Glyn was to make it simple.

Photoshop is an amazing tool, but with so many ways to achieve an objective, it is sometimes daunting, so it was very refreshing to see with practical examples the way in which Glyn achieves to portray his ideas on his final images.

All members are encouraged to revisit the recording through the link sent.

Photoshop Lighting Effects, create realistic lighting into your images or maybe special effects.

Creative during Covid. Landscape and seascape offering endless photographic opportunities outside of my portrait work.

Thank you for organising for us to have Glyn Dewis presenting a most informative presentation! It was great!
He has opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities and I look forward to receiving the video to try some ideas out…. Erith

Glyn Dewis was excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation….Denise