AGM followed by Presentation: Zoom: Mike Sharples, UK – Portraits

Date(s) - Tuesday, November 22, 2022
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Face To Face by Mike Sharples MFIAP ARPS MPAGB FBPE United Kingdom My Photographic Journey Mike Sharples photographic journey started some 55 years ago when, at 16 years of age, he acquired his first camera. Mike began by taking many photos of family and friends, both at home and on holidays, sparking a passion which is still with him today. Mike enjoys the complete spectrum of photographic subjects including Landscape, Environmental Portraits, Sport, and Natural History. He has always been motivated to produce the best quality images, making the picture as appealing to the viewer as possible. He aims to develop images with creativity and sensitive use of form and light, also evoking emotion, to create a story within the image and to capture decisive moments. Mike improved his knowledge by enrolling in several educational photographic courses, which gave him detailed knowledge of both photographic processes and an appreciation of the history of photography and some of the world’s iconic photographers. Mike has been a member of Smethwick Photographic Society for 35 years. He spent many of these years on the Club’s Committee and has served as its President, being also a member of the Executive of the Midland Counties Photographic Federation. Over the years, he has been involved in organising and taking part in both the club’s and wider Federation activities. He has also been a member of the Royal Photographic Society for some 20 years, and was the Central Region, Regional Organiser for several years. Mike enjoys judging and lecturing and is listed on the official lists of both the Midland Counties Federation and the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, being involved in judging competitions at local, regional, national, and international levels as well as presenting lectures to clubs across the UK. “Face To Face” – The MFIAP Project Mike is passionate about his photography and photographing people is a subject that has long fascinated and captivated him. Mike’s portfolio for the MFIAP was inspired by people’s creative art in the form of dress and face make-up, and the portfolio is based on this theme of the art of painted faces and how people express themselves in their chosen hobbies and pastimes. The project was developed over several years by visiting many special events throughout the UK, taking a special interest in the people, and discussing with them their interests and reasons for developing their characters. Mike finds the use of natural light is essential. The use of sympathetic and tasteful lighting enhances the subject’s dress and face make-up. Backgrounds were selected that evoked emotion and a sense of fantasy. The positioning of the sitter within the frame and the amount of space around the subject is essential, allowing the image to breathe and offer the sense of scale. Mike feels that eye contact with his subjects is very important in creating a connection between the person being photographed and the person viewing the portrait, and that it evokes a private shared moment of emotion with the person. To see the complete set of images with which Mike Sharples gained his MFIAP, go to: