Competition: Social Documentary

Date(s) - Tuesday, September 27, 2022
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Entries close midnight Friday 23rd September.
Digital: 2
Prints: Mono & Colour x 2
Judge: Glenn Lockitch, Sydney based, independent social documentary, human rights, and environmental photojournalist.

Social documentary photography
When images and documentaries create concern on social or environmental themes, the living and working conditions of certain social groups of people, it has a specific purpose to raise awareness, to expose to the world to help further social change. This is called Social Documentary Photography.

Capture storytelling everyday scenes as it’s happening around you and does not have to be about ‘big news’ issues.
We can learn and discover from just looking at images of other people, whether in our cities or at the other end of the world, about these people and their cultures. We need images created by photographers who have a genuine interest in how people live and sharing those with the world.

The power of the image portrays reality, but in order to change it.

Example of scenes.
must include people
anything revealing the human condition, people at work/conditions, homeless
the community of a cultural festival

Sports photography is not unless it is showing the thrill of winning

Floods and fires or fire damage these are Photo Journalism