Presenter: Kathy Wallace, Architecture

Date(s) - Tuesday, June 11, 2024
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Kathy Wallace
For years, my son used to nag me “get a hobby Mum”. But life seemed too full, looking after him, keeping house and working hard (my “day job” as a
paralegal pays the bills). As my son became more independent, I set out to explore more of my local and city area (Sydney, Australia), finding gems I never knew existed. With that came an offer from my eldest sister to take on her DSLR camera, which she was not using (thanks sis!). That is when the
photography bug truly bit. It was 2016 and I was hooked. My eyes opened to seeing the world in a whole new way.  I saw light and shadow, lines and
patterns. Quite simply, I enjoyed the magic of seeing nature and the world with fresh eyes.  I was surprised when people said they liked my photos and it spurred me on to learn more about the craft. In that process I have met some amazing people, made new friends and been inspired by
incredible photographers.  
Somehow, I fell into a love of architecture, perhaps due to my personality and work background liking a sense of order.  I would love one day to pursue this genre more. Even though I don’t know all the professional architectural terms, it is the conceptual form of a building and how it works with the
environment and people that captivates me. I am working on the idea of taking people on architecture photography walking tours in Sydney (contact me if this interests you!).
Who knows where this photography passion will lead me. But I know I love photography and it consumes me. It takes me to places near and far.
I love being out in nature but equally in the built environment. I hope you enjoy my photos and check in here from time to time, as I keep on this
wonderful journey. My son can finally be happy I have a hobby, but now I want it to be more!

Kathy Wallace, Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographer in Architecture Category in 2020.