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2017 August; Open competition

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Tuesday 22/08 – Open competition – judge Analia Paino
What a fantastic judge- so good at making everyone feel worthy photographers and being so spot on with her advice as every photo was critiqued individually and there were no favourite sayings- mimimistic, focus etc. I honestly believed her to be one of the best judges I have ever experienced, better that 99% of judges in the UK too Well done. – Annie Williams

Analia Paino says:
It really is wonderful to hear such positive feedback and most importantly that people found it worthwhile. That’s what competitions are all about, personal growth and development.

Online subject Landscape / Seascape – judge Tom Putt


2017 August; Presenter

08Tue 8 August Adam Williams  Presenting Adam Williams
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Tuesday 08/08 Adam Williams – The Formula for Interesting Landscape, a practical presentation.
Thanks for a great evening Adam, your montage images were especially inspiring!