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2020 May: Mads Peter Iversen

Tuesday 12/5/2020

All the way from Denmark we got one of the best Landscape photographers of the moment, not only showing us incredible images of Nordic landscapes, but even better, letting us all in his workflow and the thinking process behind his images.

And to finish it all in a high note by showing us some of his post processing techniques

If you want to see more of his work take a look at his website: and his YouTube channel:

2020 April: Competition Nature

Tuesday 05/05 via Zoom
Excellent judging with Roy Killen and great to see many members joining the Zooming!

Feedback: the judging by Roy Killen was excellent. He managed to provide constructive comments to each image within a reasonable time frame. I really enjoyed the session..

Winner Colour; Freshly Caught, Well done Patricia.
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