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Nov 2021: Annual Awards

Tuesday 30/11 : NORTHS

Many thanks to Robin Moon for judging and making comments on selected Digital images and Prints in mono and colour.
Thanks to the members who entered their work to be recognised and awarded for excellence in photography. Congratulations to all.

Digital Awards

Digital of the Year, Les Atkins, Cathedral Rock
Runner Up, Eric Lippey, Fido
Third place, Erith French, The Commute

Print Awards

Mono Print of the Year, Maria Mazo, Tree Frog in a leaf
Runner Up, Jim Millar, Ballerina at window Havana
Third place, Eric Lippey, Novak
Colour Print of the Year, Maria Mazo, The Hunter
Runner Up, Denise Petrie, Street Cat
Third Place, Jim Millar, Lijiang Girl

Members Achievements 2021

The club is now in recess and will resume in February 2022, stay tuned to the Home Page for further details.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year