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2021 June: Adrian Whear, Street Photography

“I am so pleased that the Norths PS members enjoyed the presentation. 
My goal is really not to present my work per se, but mostly to use my images to highlight the points I am trying to get across.
Hopefully getting more people interested in street photography can only be a good thing”.

There was no doubt we were all inspired by Adrian’s presentation.
Adrian is a fantastic talented street and travel photographer and has certainly made a name for himself.
He has an amazing outlook and thorough process behind how he does what he does and why he does it.
It was an excellent evening to hear how he goes about his craft.
He has been to some amazing places in his travels around the world and has this amazing ability to tell a story in his imagery.

Visit: Adrian Whear

Precipitating Pisces
Memories of Gangsta times

2021 May: Nick Melidonis, Lightroom – An introduction to develop tools.

A brilliant evening with the master of Lightroom. Nick shares his passion for photography and teaching in a relaxed and easy style. His knowledge of the creative process and his ability to communicate and inspire, show us the power of this program.

Nick showed how to do rapid and effective adjustments to photos using Lightroom.  He also detailed a number of functions which are not obvious but very powerful such as combining photos to make panoramas and high dynamic range photos.  Clearly, he is a master at Lightroom. 

That presentation was absolutely fantastic for a relatively new Lr user – I have learnt about 100 times more than I knew. Wish you would write a book and put all this helpful knowledge in step-by-step. So well and gradually explained. Thank you, thank you, thank you Nick!!

2021 Apr: Alan Henderson – Minibeast

What a fantastic night for the lovers of little creatures and macro photography. Alan is an incredible photographer, and an even better presenter who kept us captivated the whole time. Certainly not an easy one for those with phobias (given that the images were so great they really popped out of the screen), but even if scared there is no way you wouldn’t enjoy this one, the advice and information was exceptional.

To learn so much not only about photography, but also about our own fauna was incredible, to get an insight of Alan’s process, his adventures at night and how he finds and documents these incredible insects was really interesting.

Good news if you missed it: The recording is available for members of the club.

2021 Mar: Glyn Dewis – Photoshop

Second presentation of the year, and again it was a really interesting one, full of practical information and ideas to improve our work.

Thanks to Glyn Dewis ( for his easy to implement and really useful tips. The focus of Glyn was to make it simple.

Photoshop is an amazing tool, but with so many ways to achieve an objective, it is sometimes daunting, so it was very refreshing to see with practical examples the way in which Glyn achieves to portray his ideas on his final images.

All members are encouraged to revisit the recording through the link sent.

Photoshop Lighting Effects, create realistic lighting into your images or maybe special effects.

Creative during Covid. Landscape and seascape offering endless photographic opportunities outside of my portrait work.

Thank you for organising for us to have Glyn Dewis presenting a most informative presentation! It was great!
He has opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities and I look forward to receiving the video to try some ideas out…. Erith

Glyn Dewis was excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation….Denise

2021 Feb: Welcome back and a great start with Malcolm Fackender

Tue 09/02 Zoom


it’s February, here we go again for an action packed year, we are off and running. We are all looking for a much better year ahead with things starting to come back to a new sort of reality. In some ways, it’s been a great reset with lots of people given the opportunity to re-evaluate what’s going on in their lives. I hope we are all looking up and moving forward. If we can get through this, we can get through anything!

What a great start with Malcolm Fackender, who delivered an amazing presentation and shared stunning images along the way accompanied with the most interesting stories. We were all inspired and can’t wait to get back to travelling.

Malcolm Fackender has led 68 photographic tours around the world over the past 15 years,
visiting and photographing 19 countries with small groups of passionate photographers. 
Whilst it might sound like a dream job to many, it’s one which involves a substantial amount of work behind the scenes.  In an unprecedented time where COVID is preventing international travel, we had the opportunity to sit back in the comfort and safety of our home whilst Malcolm took us on a photographic journey of his travels.

Thank you for the wonderful presentation by Malcolm Fackender.
Malcolm’s passion for photography and stunning images combined with his extensive local knowledge of many exotic photographic locations around the world provide our members with one of the best
presentations seen at North’s  … Les

Fabulous travel photos. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing them…Robbie

I enjoyed Malcolm Fackender last night; would love to do some of his trips… Erith


2020 October:Mieke Boynton, specialist landscape and aerial

I’m a specialist landscape photographer from the beautiful Alpine Valleys of North-East Victoria (Australia).
I love being alone in Nature and photographing its stunning beauty. When I go out into the landscape, I try to clear my head of all the clutter and simply “listen.” I try to immerse myself in the moment and be guided by the sounds and atmosphere of that particular place. When I process my photos, I’m very careful about honouring the authentic reality of that moment.

Visit: Mieke Boynton

Feedback: Mieke Boynton’s presentation was excellent last night. I have heard her talk before and each time she offers something new.