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2019 September: Michael Nicholson – Architecture photography

A great night of architecture photography and very interesting concepts and techniques to improve our own images.

It is always great when we can hear directly from someone with such experience in the field. Not only they have a lot to teach, but also the passion they transmit is motivating and contagious.

We really enjoyed the stories shown by Michael’s images of those incredible buildings.

If you want to see more of Michael Nicholson’s work visit his site and be amazed:


2019 August: Matt Hudson – Astro Photography

We had a great talk about astro photography, and thanks to Matt Hudson we all expanded our knowledge and interest in this type of photography. It will take us a bit to get the math right, but certainly hearing from Matt and seeing his amazing images makes you want to dust off the old slide rule and compass to go out and shoot.

If you want to know more about Matt’s work, follow him on instagram: @matthudsonphoto

2019 July: Alfonso Calero – Raw workflow; from raw to finish

For a long time a friend of the club, Alfonso has always helped us in so many different ways. This time in particular, with his presentation he gave us a view of his process and some great tips for all of us to go and practice.

Everything, from his mood boards on Pinterest, and how he uses inspiration from different disciplines to create his fantastic images, to his life experiences and those places he’s visited that are so important for what he does today.

Here just a small sample of Alfonso’s work:

Alfonso1 Alfonso2 Alfonso3

But if you missed this one, make sure you join us for the next presentations, there is always something new we learn from them.

And if you want to see more of what Alfonso showed us on the night, make sure you visit his site ( and read his blog, or even better, if you can join him for one of his tours.

2019 June: Les Atkins – Post Production Tools, Tips & Techniques

Emma  Soldier & Son Postcard  Taralga Rodeo
Tuesday 11/6
Member Les Atkins gave an excellent talk on Post Production Tools, Tips & Techniques using Lightroom, Photoshop and Nik software.

Many thanks Les for your most informative talk on Lightroom, Photoshop and Nix software Tuesday evening. Your down to earth explanations of the various tools, and shortcuts should prove very valuable, and I found it quite amazing what can be achieved with seemingly little effort.
Again thank you for sharing your knowledge with your fellow club members.



2019 May: Michael Hing & Eric Lippey – Ethiopia

Tuesday 14/05

Two of our own Eric Lippey and Michael Hing shared with us their experience in Ethiopia, and it was a great visual experience. Their images were astonishing and the story of their experience was fascinating and edifying.

It is great when photography is beautiful and captivating, but even better when it takes you to places, when it teaches you something new and changes the idea you had about the subject, and that is exactly what Michael and Eric managed that night.

Besides being great at public speech, they are also amazing photographers; if you want to see more of their images head to our gallery, or even better come join us on our competition nights.






2019 April: Malcolm Fackender, Bolivia & the Atacama Desert

landscape Atacama flamingo Miscanti_Panorama2
Tuesday 9/04
An amazing photographic tour of one of the most spectacular landscape regions in the world.

The presentation on Bolivia and the Atacama Desert by Malcolm Fackender was excellent. Malcolm’s extensive experience with photographic tours provided members present with incredible insight into the wonderful photographic opportunities available together with the risks and hazards involved when journeying into these locations.

2019 March: Delly Carr – Record breaking sports photographer

delly carr   Delly Carr
Tuesday 12/03

We joined again for another night of incredible photography and invaluable learnings from Australia’s top Sports photographer.

A presentation that gave us the pleasure to see his incredible images, but specially that gave us an insight view of his story as a photographer, how the love for sports led him to follow his dream and risk big.

To see more of his work, visit his website and follow his instagram feed @dellyphotoninja

2019 Feb: Jan Breckwoldt – Weekend adventures NSW & around the world

Storm02_final screens norths
Tuesday 12/02

What an amazing presentation night. We all loved it and the comments couldn’t be better. It was hard to believe that this was his first time presenting to other photographers, because it was both entertaining and inspiring.

Jan took us trough his photographic journey: his first digital camera and those first long exposures, how he has grown as a photographer, his adventures to get those amazing astro photographs, the excitement of capturing the perfect storm, the gear he likes and the thinking behind his incredible images.

The time lapse and videos made an already great presentation even better.
This was a great way to start the year, I hope he presents again in the future.

If you want to see more of his work, check his instagram feed, he posts not only great images, but also the very entertaining stories behind them: @janbreckwoldt_photography

2018 Oct; Presentation Kerry Boytell – Nature

  Final Tuesday 9 October  kerry Nature talk
Tuesday 9/10
How to best shoot nature images, including equipment, how to obtain the best images and where to find them. Also includes the nature and wildlife rules.

…We were taken on a fabulous tour around the world to each location Kerry had taken her nature shots. Each image included detailed information about the subject, the environments involved and personal stories about her experiences in the field….
…Thank you Kerry,  your presentation was excellent…