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2021 Mar: Glyn Dewis – Photoshop

Second presentation of the year, and again it was a really interesting one, full of practical information and ideas to improve our work.

Thanks to Glyn Dewis ( for his easy to implement and really useful tips. The focus of Glyn was to make it simple.

Photoshop is an amazing tool, but with so many ways to achieve an objective, it is sometimes daunting, so it was very refreshing to see with practical examples the way in which Glyn achieves to portray his ideas on his final images.

All members are encouraged to revisit the recording through the link sent.

Thank you for organising for us to have Glyn Dewis presenting a most informative presentation! It was great!
He has opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities and I look forward to receiving the video to try some ideas out…. Erith

Glyn Dewis was excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation….Denise

2021 Feb: Welcome back

its February, here we go again for an action packed year, we are off and running. We are all looking for a much better year ahead with things starting to come back to a new sort of reality. In some ways, it’s been a great reset with lots of people given the opportunity to re-evaluate what’s going on in their lives. I hope we are all looking up and moving forward. If we can get through this, we can get through anything!

What a great start with Malcolm Fackender, who delivered an amazing presentation and shared stunning images along the way accompanied with the most interesting stories. We were all inspired and can’t wait to get back to travelling.

Tue 09/02 Zoom

Malcolm Fackender has led 68 photographic tours around the world over the past 15 years,
visiting and photographing 19 countries with small groups of passionate photographers. 
Whilst it might sound like a dream job to many, it’s one which involves a substantial amount of work behind the scenes.  In an unprecedented time where COVID is preventing international travel, we had the opportunity to sit back in the comfort and safety of our home whilst Malcolm took us on a photographic journey of his travels.

Thank you for the wonderful presentation by Malcolm Fackender.
Malcolm’s passion for photography and stunning images combined with his extensive local knowledge of many exotic photographic locations around the world provide our members with one of the best
presentations seen at North’s  … Les

Fabulous travel photos. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing them…Robbie

I enjoyed Malcolm Fackender last night; would love to do some of his trips… Erith


2020 October:Mieke Boynton, specialist landscape and aerial

I’m a specialist landscape photographer from the beautiful Alpine Valleys of North-East Victoria (Australia).
I love being alone in Nature and photographing its stunning beauty. When I go out into the landscape, I try to clear my head of all the clutter and simply “listen.” I try to immerse myself in the moment and be guided by the sounds and atmosphere of that particular place. When I process my photos, I’m very careful about honouring the authentic reality of that moment.

Visit: Mieke Boynton

Feedback: Mieke Boynton’s presentation was excellent last night. I have heard her talk before and each time she offers something new.

2020 August: Master Series Presentations – Heather Prince

I’ve never been a fan of photoshop and heavy manipulation of images, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but Heather was just incredible.
Her images are beautiful, and being able to see examples of some of the sources for her inspiration and part of the process she follows to communicate her ideas through those amazing pictures was really inspirational.
I hope we get to see her again, and hopefully next time we are all in the same room.

2020 July: Dolomites Adventures – Jan Breckwoldt

To hear Jan talking about his adventures is so entreating and motivating, that really makes you want to grab your camera, buy a ticket and head out (it also makes you a little hungry though :).

What a great experience, and what an amazing and dedicated photographer, we are waiting for his next adventures.

2020 June: Macro and Close-up photography – Roy Killen.

Tuesday, June 9

An incredible night of Macro and Close-up photography with Roy Killen.

Roy went all the way from the basic to the specialized gear, giving us an incredibly in depth explanation and demonstration of the different characteristics each lens and attachment has, allowing us all to ask questions and get a better understanding of the subject. But even further, his incredible images and great advice will for sure help our members when attempting to get those stories that can’t be normally seen by the human eye.

2020 May: Mads Peter Iversen

Tuesday 12/5/2020

All the way from Denmark we got one of the best Landscape photographers of the moment, not only showing us incredible images of Nordic landscapes, but even better, letting us all in his workflow and the thinking process behind his images.

And to finish it all in a high note by showing us some of his post processing techniques

If you want to see more of his work take a look at his website: and his YouTube channel:

2020 April: Bondi Photojournalism, David Itzkowic

click book,  then click arrows for large view

I spend a lot of time walking on Bondi Beach in Sydney. Bondi Beach has a certain culture: family, friends, surf, sand, exercise, a feeling of exhilaration and relaxation. I love it.

feedback: very nice images and it was interesting to see how he worked through the exhibition process

2020 Mar: Northern Spain with Alfonso Calero

Tuesday 10/03
The next Mecca for landscape photographers – Northern Spain. Famous for infinite sea stacks, abandoned villages and gastronomic delights.

Thanks Alfonso, well presented and loads of information.

Playa de Silencio
                                       San Juan De Gaztelugatxe – Game of Thrones film location