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Nov 2021: Kris Anderson, Visual Story telling

Zoom : Tuesday 23 November 2021

Thanks for a great evening Kris and the interesting discussion that came after.

Images by Anderson


One of our favourite pursuits is to create unique illustrative imagery to tell a story or convey a feeling – something that is normally challenging in a static image.
If you can capture someone’s story or find a way to express their feelings and communicate them clearly, that’s a pretty good outcome.

Nov 2021: Competition – Open

Tuesday 09/11 Zoom with Tim Moon, an excellent judge.

Results: Gallery 2021

Winner Digital Mono, Eric Lippey, Fido
Winner Digital Colour, Maria Mazo, Soft Sunrise

What I found most helpful were the suggestions he made to improve most of the images submitted. I thought these were constructive comments...

I thought he was an excellent judge‘…