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2017 July; Studio workshop for members and Photojournalism competition

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Tuesday 11th July, 26 members had a great opportunity to photograph 4 great models. This night was a practical night where members enjoyed shooting under studio conditions, using triggers and lighting.There was much assistance provided by Exposure Studios to help those members with limited knowledge of this type of shooting.It was a fun and enjoyable night, where I’m sure everyone would have come away with images that they could enter into future competitions. – Christine Nelson

That was one of the best, informative, fun nights to improve our photography we have had at the club for some time.
The models were excellent. More please.
– Greg Lake

Thanks Joslyn and the committee at North’s for organizing a studio shoot last Tuesday evening.
All of the members in attendance enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to photograph the four models in a studio lighting environment. – Les Atkins

Last night was fab. I may not be a studio photographer but I learned a lot.  First class! – Annie Williams

Last night was a lot of fun. The models worked hard on what was a bit of a marathon. The photographer and his staff were very helpful and it was a good experience for those that had not seen a studio set up before. I think it would be a good idea to organise a smaller group experience so that lighting techniques could be explored. – John G

I really enjoyed the Studio Session on Tuesday – my first time. Pete was very helpful in explaining the lighting and camera settings.  All I need now is some talent!  The models were terrific, including our own budding male model. Thanks to everyone who organised the event. – Alan Park

Great night on Tuesday – thanks for organizing! – Jochen

I enjoyed the studio workshop last week.  I was very pleased at how some of my shots turned out.  I thought the team from Exposure Studios and models were very helpful.  They made it seem very easy. – Steve Spencer

Tuesday 25/07 Competition Photojournalism – judge David Miller
great judge – we haven’t had a strong one for along time!
Excellent  judging and learning for everyone.

Great to end the night with some of his images

Online Open – judge Josh Smith
Thanks for the opportunity to judge. From this batch of images, there isn’t too much separation between A & B grade. Technically & with the advancements in camera bodies, it is hard to fault a lot of the images. Composition (a good set of eyes) is mostly the determining factor in a strong result. Please pass on my congratulations to your Society for their great work. Cheers Josh.













2017 July; Outing Reserve Forces Day Parade, Hyde Park

RSD17     RFD2017      lighthorseman balanced1040594
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Sunday 02/7
This month’s topic of ‘Photojournalism’ coincides with a joint ‘Air-Army-Navy’ military parade of current and former “Reservist’s”.  This year, it is to be held astride the magnificent ‘Pool of Refection’, adjacent Sydney’s War Memorial at Hyde Park, and featuring mounted horsemen, with quiet pomp and ceremony, against a backdrop of the beautiful surroundings, lots of polished brass, and a possible politician or two. – Peter Butterworth
I found this event to be a good opportunity to practice my street / photojournalism skills. I was glad that I checked out some photographic websites where I found some tips from the professionals – planning and research is really invaluable to work out the best shooting positions in order to choose the best vantage points. It also helped to see images from similar events in order to get ideas for possible compositions/stories. It was a very worthwhile outing and I thank Peter for alerting us to the event. – Alan Park

2017 June; Presenter and Open competition

06Tuesday 13 June Under the weather Pamela Pauline
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Tuesday 13/06 Pamela Pauline – The Sky is the Limit.
Last nights presentation by Pamela Pauline was excellent and very well attended by our members.Pamela provided us with her background and future aspirations in photography together with an excellent representation of her “Fine Art Photography”.Pamela’s skill as a photographer combined with her interesting techniques in post production produced many beautiful” Fine Art Prints” which were on display.All of our members in attendance came away feeling very motivated. – Les Atkins

Tuesday 27/06 Competition Open – judge Stuart Bowey

Online subject Negative Space – judge Michaela Clarkson
Thanks for the opportunity. Always great to see the members’ work.

2017 May; Member Presenters and Nature competition

Tuesday 9/05
Patricia Beal – Improving your photos generally, based more towards the less experienced members who often are less catered for. Composition etc and looking from a judge’s point of view.

Glen Parker – Blending seascape images. Using some of the images from different members who attended the Kiama outing Glen shared his knowledge on how to blend seascapes.

Milky Way; some members had an additional challenge photographing the Milky Way from the Northern beaches. More experienced members were on hand to give advice on this challenge. – John G

Tuesday 23/05 Competition Nature – judge Luke Tscharke

Online Open – judge Nina Beilby

2017 May; Kiama weekend

cathedral rock        DCIM103GOPROGOPR0766.       Pheasant Point_3444
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Friday 05 /Saturday 06
Hi Team, all good to go ahead. Weather forecast looks great. So it will be another super outing!
I understand everyone has organised their own accommodation.
Meet Glen for a Friday sunset shoot followed by Saturday sunrise.
We all meet Saturday afternoon at 3 pm at Kiama Light house parking lot and move from there over to Bombo Beach for sunset at 515pm.
Dinner is organised for all at Olive & Vine – A’ La carte dinning – No BYO and CASH ONLY.
Sunday morning Sunrise 630am at Cathedral Rock – followed by Breakfast – location to be confirmed.
See you on the weekend. Cheers Jochen

Jochen thanks for all your efforts in organising the weekend. Glen and Alistair for your help at the beach, I know it was appreciated very much. Getting us to locations was a great help also. To everyone, it was great to have your company and come together and share a wonderful time of photography, conversation, fine food and drinks. It was a great weekend, perfect weather and everyone had a good time. – Joslyn Davis

I couldn’t make the entire weekend away that the club planned for the Kiama outing, but I did manage to get down on the Sunday morning early enough to participate in the sunrise shoot at Cathedral Rock; It was a great way to share ideas and techniques with other club members and I managed to get some great shots after a little bit of guidance & tuition from one of our more experienced land/seascape shooters. The sunrise shoot was followed up by some great conversation shared over a hearty breakfast and coffee in town. Great way to spend time doing something we all love, look forward to the next club event being planned for Hill End! – Ian Mills
I agree it was a fabulous weekend – Michael Hing

I learnt a lot and had a great time – Kian Mak

A fun time and I enjoyed all the locations and shoots we did – Faranak  Salehy

It was a great weekend and I enjoyed the sunset and sunrise shoots, thanks Glen for all your help – Margaret Frankish

2017 April; Presenter and Open competition

04Tuesday 04 April Valerie Martin

Tuesday 4/04 Valerie Martin, Travel Photography; Ethiopia +portraits, markets & wildlife.
A very interesting evening with Valerie Martin, a freelance photographer based on Sydney’s northern beaches. She has had an exciting and varied career working as a press photographer in London, freelancer in the United States and senior staff photographer at Australian Consolidated Press. Her style is to work in a contemporary manner using as much natural light as possible. Being versatile and working quickly especially on street photography for portraits and market opportunities. Valerie showed wonderful travel images on Ethiopia, a taste to inspire anyone to travel there. Working with her street photography images she gave helpful tips on taking the shot quickly and not messing around. Plus the type of lens she travels with giving the approximate focal length, and using manual or aperture settings.

04Tues18 April Alfonso Calero

Tuesday 18/04 Competition Open – judge Alfonso Calero
It is always great to see wonderful work presented. We can’t all be winners but more importantly it’s learning from the judge’s critique that counts, the awards are a bonus!

Online subject – Framed – judge Gavin Marchio

Social dinner; Thursday 27/04.
Papaya Thai Cammeray, a great night. Sixteen enjoyed a unique menu of delicious food, full of flavour and colour, and very generous servings.









2017 March; Member Presenters and Action competition

03Tribute to ANZAC 14 MarchLes Atkins
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Tuesday 14/03  Audio Visual.
A very moving Tribute to ANZAC by Les Atkins. Photos from WWII, Vietnam War, memorabilia shots taken
from the Australian War Memorial Canberra and leading up to ANZAC day in Sydney. We experienced Australians at war and connected with stories of  people and events that shaped Australia and what it means to be Australian.

Making Selections Using Channels – Christine Nelson.
Christine is always bubbling with information when it comes to Photoshop manipulation.
Ready to share her wealth of knowledge to members on techniques and tools of the trade in photoshop. She demonstrated changing backgrounds in an image by making selections and using Channels. Just magic!  Once you know how to master these techniques using photoshop, well, the skies the limit. Photo artistry, there is a bit of creativity in all of us!

Tuesday 28/03 Competition Action – judge Malcolm Fackender
A challenge to members to get out and about and build a portfolio of Action photos.
Using creative flare, showing some blur, movement, freezing the action and catching the peak of action. Judge Malcolm Fackender, experienced and always gives a very good critique.
Congratulations to members for a great display of Action images.

Online – Open – judge Tammy Bateman
I would like to say what a talented group of photographers,such wonderful images  it was great to judge.