2017 July; Outing Reserve Forces Day Parade, Hyde Park

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Sunday 02/7
This month’s topic of ‘Photojournalism’ coincides with a joint ‘Air-Army-Navy’ military parade of current and former “Reservist’s”.  This year, it is to be held astride the magnificent ‘Pool of Refection’, adjacent Sydney’s War Memorial at Hyde Park, and featuring mounted horsemen, with quiet pomp and ceremony, against a backdrop of the beautiful surroundings, lots of polished brass, and a possible politician or two. – Peter Butterworth
I found this event to be a good opportunity to practice my street / photojournalism skills. I was glad that I checked out some photographic websites where I found some tips from the professionals – planning and research is really invaluable to work out the best shooting positions in order to choose the best vantage points. It also helped to see images from similar events in order to get ideas for possible compositions/stories. It was a very worthwhile outing and I thank Peter for alerting us to the event. – Alan Park