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2020 November: Annual Awards

Tuesday 24 /11 on Zoom

Many thanks to Arthur Roy for judging and comments made on the selected digital images in mono and colour.
Members best images are presented to be recognised and awarded for excellence in photography.
Congratulations to the membership for their continued support for what has been a tough year, thank you all.

Mono of the year Kerry Boytell, Eagle Hunter and Friend
Colour of the year Kerry Boytell, Queen of Hearts in Venice
Runner-up Colour of the year Kerry Boytell, Sunset Trek
Runner-up, Mono of the year Erith French, In the Dunes

Members Achievements 2020

FIRST                 Lena Quin/ Erith French
SECOND            Phil Cargill
THIRD              Fujiko Watt

FIRST               Larry Armstrong
SECOND          Erith
THIRD              Lena  

FIRST               KERRY/MARIA
SECOND          LES Atkins
THIRD              ERIC Lippey

FIRST               MARIA
THIRD              LES

The club is now in recess and will resume in February 2021, stay tuned to the Home Page for further details.

2020 October: Competition Photojournalism

Thanks to Allan, a great night of comments aimed at being helpful to members learning.
Allan says; I do try to be honest with my evaluation. In most cases technical image quality is not the issue, it is more about choice and presentation of subject matter.
Consider these quotes:
“There is a world of difference between a photograph which is merely “technically perfect” and one that deserves the label excellent, memorable, perhaps even great. A technically perfect photograph is one that is correctly focussed, exposed, developed, and printed, period. But despite these desirable qualities, it can still be the world’s most boring picture. Subject selection can be unfortunate, subject approach awkward, and subject presentation ineffective.”
“Exerting creative control means making the right decisions. This begins with the choice of subject matter.”
Winner Mono Eric Lippey, Tinkat
Winner Colour Eric Lippey, Twokids