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Sep 2022 : Premiere of a documentary of the legendary photographer, Steve McCurry

McCurry  :  The Pursuit of Colour

…. is an intimate portrait of the life and work of celebrated photographer Steve McCurry. He opens up about the stories behind his iconic images
and reflects on the defining moments of his extraordinary life and forty-year career.

Steve McCurry in attendance for the premier and engages in a post-film Q&A with renowned Journalist, Jenny Brockie. 

Steve McCurry is most renowned for his 1984 photo, Afghan Girl which appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine in the June 1985 issue.
It shows a young girl of about 12 years of age living as a refugee from the Afghan war in Pakistan. The image became symbolic not only of the war but also of the difficulties of refugees worldwide. The photograph is considered the most recognisable of any published by the magazine.

Sharbat Gula / Steve McCurry

Members attended enjoyed the event.

2019 Aperture Photography Conference

Ray Martin  Q&A panel
Hosted by Ray Martin award winning television journalist.
W/end 22 & 23 June

Educate: Inspire: Connect

We celebrate the collective insight and advice from some of our industries finest legends of the lens. Even if you’re not a photographer, the images and stories from the speakers will blow you away.
Ray Collins Tamara Dean  JasinBoland
Ray                                         Tamara                              Jasin
Speakers Saturday.
Ray Collins Oceanic Photographer
Oceanic photographer Book signing
Tamara Dean Photographic Artist
Photographic artist
Jasin Boland Film Stills Photographer
Matrix  Jason Bourne
ChristianFletcher   Stephen Dupont  Ami
Christian                              Stephen                                 Ami
Speakers Sunday
Christian Fletcher Australian Landscape Icon
Kununurra  Christian photos
Stephen Dupont Conflict Photographer
Stephen Dupont Generation AK  the Afghanistan wars 1993 2012  signing book
Ami Vitale National Geographic Photojournalist
National Geographic Magazine Ami Vitale

Trade Time
Time to explore the increased trade stalls and immerse yourself in new gear and industry trends.
Olympus talk Nikon  Nisi AquaTech

Suri Lumix momentopro






2018 July; The Sunrise Group Exhibtion, Balmain Watch House Gallery

norths screens
Fujiko for the sunrise group….
The exhibition was an impressive showcase of our talents and an encouraging reminder of what we can achieve by uniting our efforts!
Opening night was exciting with over 120 attending. We received many positive appraisals and feedback. The word spread and many came back for the second time with family and friends.  In total there were over 445 visitors over the 10 days.

01_glen speech 02IMG_4852 09_IMG_4846 03_DSF9482018_IMG_4839 015_IMG_4841 05_DSF9490 06_DSF949419_IMG_4848 Fujiko 07IMG_4850 022_IMG_4855

2017 September; President’s Shield

resized group1  IMG_3739  Forkfun IMG_3744   table
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Friday 01/09 Nominee; Jochen Hess
The President’s Shield night is held annually in September and each intra club has a nominee based on their contribution to Norths, their intraclub, either their sporting achievements, service to sport or special interest group over the preceding year.
It is a fun evening with music and dancing, listen to what other intraclubs say about their nominated person. Throughout the evening there is a slideshow of each intraclubs activities and social events.
History – Presidents Shield Awards
In 1955 a group of dedicated Norths supporters, led by the late Harry McKinnon, formed North Sydney Leagues Club. With the help of their families and debenture holders, they bought a house in Merlin Street, North Sydney, which was the Club’s first home. In July 1964 due to lack of space and the threat of the new expressway, Norths sadly left their beloved Merlin Street home and moved to Cammeray.
With a new building and a new look Sports Council headed by Fred Orreill and his active committee, new Intra Clubs were added (see for a current list).
The first Sportsman of the Year Night, chosen from the Intra Clubs, was held in 1980, the winner for 1979 being Graham Hoschke, who was the Secretary of the Fishing Club.
Former NORTHS Sydney Leagues Club President, Mr. Ray Beattie, renamed the ‘Sportsman of the Year’ award the ‘President’s Shield’.

2016 September HomeHQ – Open theme, print photography competition.

Sleek Peace_Winner 1st 2016  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Bird on the Wire 3rd
Click image
HomeHQ Artarmon have hosted a print photography competition for the last 3 years coinciding with the Willoughby Spring Festival in September. The competition is open to Norths Photographic Society members only and is not open to the public.This year the theme is OPEN.
The exhibition will showcase inspiring work from our members.
There will be a launch and announcement of the winners by the Mayor of Willoughby, Ms Gail Giles-Gidney.
Finger food and drinks provided.
Exhibition runs until the end of September.

Congratulations to everyone who entered, there was amazing work presented.
1st place Joslyn Davis, Sleek Peace
2nd place Kian Mak, Re-conz-truk-cion
3rd place Margaret Frankish, Bird on a wire

2016 Friday 02/09 President’s Shield

Pres Shield
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Presidents Shield Dinner. Michael Hing is our nominee, come along and support Michael.
It is a fun evening with music and dancing, hear what other intra clubs have to say about their nominee. Throughout the evening there is a slideshow on each intra clubs activities and social events.
The President’s Shield night is held annually in September. Each intra club has a nominee based on their contribution to Norths, their intra club, either their sporting achievements, service to sport or special interest group over the preceding year.

Previous President’s Shield dinners.
greg Barbara_Greg Steve Eric_Kerry