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2018 Oct; Presentation Kerry Boytell – Nature

  Final Tuesday 9 October  kerry Nature talk
Tuesday 9/10
How to best shoot nature images, including equipment, how to obtain the best images and where to find them. Also includes the nature and wildlife rules.

…We were taken on a fabulous tour around the world to each location Kerry had taken her nature shots. Each image included detailed information about the subject, the environments involved and personal stories about her experiences in the field….
…Thank you Kerry,  your presentation was excellent…




2018 Sept; Studio Shoot – Film Noir

Saturday 22/09 Film Noir is a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, extending from the early 1940s to the late 1950s and is associated with a low-key black and white visual style. Often filmed in urban settings with extensive use of shadows and cynical in outlook.

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2018 Sept; President’s Shield Dinner

Parker Pen pres marg fujiko jos pres simon pres les n chris Winner
Friday 07/09 Nominee Sue Pokrzywa
Sue is our nominee for President’s Shield. I highly endorse the nomination. Sue has tirelessly worked with me over the last few years, and you must admit her energy and commitment make her a role model for hard work and self-motivation.She has given support and encouragement to NORTHS, our club and all members.
Support Sue and buy your tickets this evening from Joslyn $35pp
Dinner; Friday 7th September in the Showroom.  Round table # 2
The menu:
6:30 PM -Canapes- Corn fritters with remesco- Tempura cauliflower with red wine dressing- Salad tartlet
7:30 PM – Table Share Mains**A selection of dishes served in the middle of the table for guests to share from**- Porchetta, slow cooked pork belly with oregano, garlic & black pepper- Smoked brisket with apple slaw and new potatoes- Chicken marylands with broccoli and pumpkin
8:30 PM – Dessert – Nutella & strawberry Pavlova
The President’s Shield evening is held annually in September and each intra club has a nominee based on their contribution to Norths,  their intraclub, either their sporting achievements, service to sport or special interest group over the preceding year.
It’s a great community evening with local politicians and Norths dignitaries.
Join the fun evening, hear what other intraclubs say about their nominated person.
Throughout the evening there is a slideshow of each intraclubs activities and social events.
See you there and thanks for supporting Sue.