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2018 February; Open competition

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Tuesday 27/02 Welcome back to Ben Lee who judged our Open competition.
Ben is a freelance photographer with great people skills and an eye for detail.
This showed through with his excellent comments on members work, helpful to members learning.
His main focus today is a mixture of portraiture, commercial, sport and documentary assignments.

Hi Ben, Many thanks for giving your time to judge our first club competition of the year.
It was a great start to the 2018 year and you were well received by our members.
We are very grateful as you critiqued near 100 images on the night + pre judging the projected. Regards Sue

thanks for that – I enjoyed it and am glad I could provide some feedback for your members. All the best, Ben


2018 February; Heery’s World

Heerys world

Tuesday 13/2 ‘Heery’s World’ presented by film director Liz Jones.
Heery’s World is a fascinating and compelling journey into the creative life and mind of Gary Heery, one of Australia’s most renowned portrait photographers.

Hi Liz,
A big thank you for giving your time and presenting the fabulous documentary to our group.
We received great feedback not only from our members but also from visitors and other club members.
The showing of the documentary was a perfect start to our year ahead.
Many thanks again, it was great.  Sue

2018 Welcome back

Welcome back to another exciting year of inspiring photography with lots of fun and friendly gatherings.
The Program for 2018 is looking fantastic with a great variety to suit most members.
For all competition results please visit our website Galleries on the Home Page.

There have been some changes to the Program as follows.
Each competition has an Open subject and alternate month has a Set subject competition.

Members may enter two sections – Prints and Projected Images.
Open would be Prints and the set subject competition entries submitted as Projected Images.

The number of images will be the same; Prints  2 mono, 2 colour / 2 Digital – tagged at the end of the title 1,2, 3 as in the past.
(3 times and the image is out altogether/we don’t want to see it again!
CLOSE OFF FOR ALL ENTRIES: Will be the Friday before the Tuesday competition.
Prints will NOT be extended to the Monday.

ONLINE : Entries will NO longer be ‘First Time’.
New or Old images (as long as they have not already been entered 3 times) can be entered, tagged at the end of the title  1, 2 or 3 (3 times and the image is out altogether/we don’t want to see it again!
This brings ONLINE,  in line with the normal competition as above.
1 x image, Digital upload.
CLOSE OFF: entries close at the end of each month.

AWARDS: Any work awarded a Merit or Credit during a  calendar year may not be re-entered in a monthly competition in the same calendar year. (Can be re-entered in the next year/s)