2017 July; Studio workshop for members and Photojournalism competition

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Tuesday 11th July, 26 members had a great opportunity to photograph 4 great models. This night was a practical night where members enjoyed shooting under studio conditions, using triggers and lighting.There was much assistance provided by Exposure Studios to help those members with limited knowledge of this type of shooting.It was a fun and enjoyable night, where I’m sure everyone would have come away with images that they could enter into future competitions. – Christine Nelson

That was one of the best, informative, fun nights to improve our photography we have had at the club for some time.
The models were excellent. More please.
– Greg Lake

Thanks Joslyn and the committee at North’s for organizing a studio shoot last Tuesday evening.
All of the members in attendance enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to photograph the four models in a studio lighting environment. – Les Atkins

Last night was fab. I may not be a studio photographer but I learned a lot.  First class! – Annie Williams

Last night was a lot of fun. The models worked hard on what was a bit of a marathon. The photographer and his staff were very helpful and it was a good experience for those that had not seen a studio set up before. I think it would be a good idea to organise a smaller group experience so that lighting techniques could be explored. – John G

I really enjoyed the Studio Session on Tuesday – my first time. Pete was very helpful in explaining the lighting and camera settings.  All I need now is some talent!  The models were terrific, including our own budding male model. Thanks to everyone who organised the event. – Alan Park

Great night on Tuesday – thanks for organizing! – Jochen

I enjoyed the studio workshop last week.  I was very pleased at how some of my shots turned out.  I thought the team from Exposure Studios and models were very helpful.  They made it seem very easy. – Steve Spencer

Tuesday 25/07 Competition Photojournalism – judge David Miller
great judge – we haven’t had a strong one for along time!
Excellent  judging and learning for everyone.

Great to end the night with some of his images

Online Open – judge Josh Smith
Thanks for the opportunity to judge. From this batch of images, there isn’t too much separation between A & B grade. Technically & with the advancements in camera bodies, it is hard to fault a lot of the images. Composition (a good set of eyes) is mostly the determining factor in a strong result. Please pass on my congratulations to your Society for their great work. Cheers Josh.