2017 September; Creative competition

Tues 26 Sept.Creative
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Tuesday 26/09 Creative competition – judge Tanya Du Toit
I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful talent that you have in your club.  I am also very thankful for the positive feedback that I received on the night.  It was really lovely to have some members come up and thank me for my comments and critiquing.  I try to make an effort in giving something useful with my judging.  Although creative is harder to give technical critique to I hope I imparted some knowledge and inspiration and I can honestly say that I got inspiration from the work that I saw on the night.  thank you all again for a great comp night.

I feel she was as well pretty good. Very constructive in feedback, not holding back with advise (if its creative it has to be creative!) and open however short and sharp. And I like that she judged the A grade harder than the B – grade. Something I sense not all judges do. –  Jochen Hess

Online Open – judge Mark Kelly
Images: http://nslps.org.au/galleries/?year=MjAxNw%3D%3D&group=Sep%20Online%20Open