2018 December, Annual Awards

Sunday 25/11 at NORTHS – Annual Awards and Christmas Luncheon
Judge Tony Egan
Your best images are presented to be recognised and awarded for excellence in photography.
All images are critiqued and one winner announced in the following;
Digital image of the year :    Colour print of the year :     Mono print of the year
Sponsored by Ted’s Cameras.
The winners are:
North Curl Curl       Azure winged magpie landing        Jim Millar Priest Tatev Monastery Armenia
 Glen Parker                                  Kerry Boytell                                     Jim Millar
North Curl Curl                            Azure winged magpie landing       Priest Tatev Monastery

The results of A Grade and B Grade print and digital monthly competitions held throughout the 2018 year are;
Digital A                                                              Digital B
1st  Kerry Boytell                                              1st Hemant Kogekar
2nd Glen Parker                                               2nd Karl Noonan
3rd  Jim Wilson                                                 3rd Nikki Pollock
Mono Print A                                                    Mono Print B
1st Kerry Boytell                                              1st Hemant Kogekar
2nd Stephen Allworth                                    2nd Keith Baetz
3rd Greg Lake                                                  3rd Karl Noonan
Colour Print A                                                  Colour Print B
1st Kerry Boytell                                              1st Hemant Kogekar
2nd Stephen Allworth                                    2nd Keith Baetz
3rd Alan Park                                                   3rd Karl Noonan
1st Hemant Kogekar
2nd Margaret Frankish
3rd Kerry Boytell & Stephen Allworth
Congratulations to everyone

Members enjoying the luncheon
group_5491 margaret_5494 slideshow patrica n jim_5486 john g_5490  prawns_E5495  room5489 prizes

People’s Choice – a tie
Bondi Drovers             Stallions in the Dust
Greg Lake – Bondi Drovers       Kerry Boytell – Stallions in the Dust

Many thanks to our sponsors; Ted’s Cameras, Adam Williams, Alfonso Calero, Christine Nelson, MomentoPro, Meredith Schofield, Papaya Thai Cammeray.