2018 March; Presenter

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Tuesday 13/03 Meredith Schofield – Analogue girl in a digital world.
“I describe myself as an ‘Analogue girl in a digital world’.
“I use my extensive experience in film photography to get the look I want and enhance my work as well as embracing the digital world. This gives my work a distinctive style which is instantly identifiable and full of impact.” Meredith is a photographer and community arts worker based in Sydney & the Illawarra region of NSW, Australia. Specialising in reportàge, lifestyle, travel and portrait photography her passion is in telling stories and capturing images that evoke a response – visually, emotionally, intellectually or otherwise.

...Meredith Schofield describes herself as an ‘analogue girl in a digital world’. With a Diploma of Photography from Sydney Institute of Technology she has a grounding in film based photography where every frame counts and calculating exposure variations mentally is part of the everyday photographic task.
Meredith’s presentation for Norths Photographic Society demonstrated her enthusiasm as well as her bubbly personality. She covered a lot of ground quickly and illustrated her various specialties such as lifestyle, travel, portrait and reportàge photography. Film is her preferred medium when she has a project that allows her to slow down and think of the consequences of each and every shutter click although some commercial contracts need the masses of frames that can only be produced economically by digital photography.
Meredith has a background in social work which has led her to tutoring people with intellectual and physical disabilities and she likes to use the camera and photography as way to connect. She manages to combine both areas with grants and commercial projects for community groups.
All Meredith’s work is brought into the digital realm by either direct import into Lightroom or by import via a film scanner and she gave us a quick synopsis of her general workflow and backup systems. Bringing the world of film into the digital realm gives Meredith’s work a distinctive ‘gritty’ feel, especially her monochrome images.
After a break for supper where Meredith encouraged people to chat with her about photography, she resumed her presentation with a quick series of guides for anyone wanting to venture into the world of commercial photography.
Meredith Schofield kept us entertained throughout her presentation and we were all buoyed by her enthusiasm and extrovert personality….. Max Perkins