Feb 2022: Hello and Welcome

We are excited to be back and encourage as many members as possible to attend our physical meetings to share the social interaction and make new friends.

Your committee have a mix of presenters via zoom and some for attending at the club. Competitions will be at the club unless otherwise notified.

Let’s do a little re-cap  :   Why would you like to be a part of the photography club?

Photography clubs usually organise monthly competitions on a certain skill or genre.
Competitions are a great way to learn and improve.
Not only will you receive critiques from the judges but also other camera club members.
Judges are not required to make friends or to maintain egos.

Images are stories:

Look at any image, and can you see immediately what stories it is telling.

We are looking at inspiring and image power, that is the power to draw the viewer into the story, so they begin adding his or her own story, emotions, feelings, sensibilities to what has been captured or created.

Images can stimulate the creative processes. It is not just the line, shades, and tones; it is the story that spurs this inspiration.

Author: Dennis Nikols