February Online Competition Cityscapes Winner

Congratulations to Joslyn Davis with her winning image Slow Boat To China
Judged by Ken Duncan


Comments from the judge:

Firstly please tell everyone thanks for making it so difficult for me as they all did very well. Also tell them that please take my comment lightheartedly as just because I may not get what they are trying to convey many others might.

Some of my best known images (even the Midnight Oil Album cover shot) when entered into awards got passed bye. After that competition and receiving no encouragement I felt like I should give up or take up Bowling as that was the best I could do at the time.

The key though, is to keep going and Never Give up. In the end if your pictures touch people then you have achieved what you wanted in telling a story well.

Once again photoshop raises it’s ugly head. I probably would have given my 1st choice to “Taipei City” but in the end I chose “Slow boat to China” as it expressed better a moment that existed.

Hope this works for you

Regards and Blessings
Ken Duncan