July Saturday 30/07: Education: Basic photoshop & Lightroom with Christine Nelson

There was a lot of interest from new members / Beginner to intermediate for a workshop on
the following.
Laptops required loaded with Lightroom and Photoshop.
Bring your own images to work on and any replacement backgrounds or textures.
In brief basics covered for some who need guidance;
Photography Workflow.
Transferring images from camera to computer.
Importing images into Lightroom / Photoshop.
Quick start guide covers  the essentials that all Photoshop users should know up front & short cuts.
Moving onto Post-processing images.
The most powerful aspects of PS is the ability to edit in Layers.
Layers allow you to change certain aspects of your image without affecting anything you don’t
want changed.
With practice, photo editing experience will get easier and your photos will look better.

Thanks Christine for your time and sharing all your knowledge with the members who attended the workshop. Everyone would have gone away with inspiration and a more exciting insight into Photoshop. Your notes will certainly help them along their way to better images.
Thank you so much. Sue