2019 November: People in the Environment

We’re getting close to the end of the year, a few more meetings and activities and that’s it for 2019.

To hear Kerry go over the different things we did this year, as a start for our AGM, made me realise once again how much I appreciate being part of this Club, to have a group of people that shares your interest, to be able to see the way they express through images, and to have a chance to learn so much from them, our presenters and judges is just amazing an priceless. So I’m looking forward to 2020 and all that it will bring.

The AGM was OK, but the competition went even better. The great images presented, and the judging from Peita Ward that was excellent and helpful, left me with a lot to think next time I’m out with my camera.

Winner Kerry Boytell Projected A Eagle Hunter with friend 1 Winner Kerry Boytell Colour Print A  Golden Eagle Festival Contestants Winner Greg Lake Mono Print A Amish Farmer & His Faithful Muels 2

To see all the entries go to our gallery: https://nslps.org.au/galleries/?gal=2019